PhD Defence, in waiting

The journey of a thousand steps (and with a nod to Deleuze, a thousand plateaus), is about to conclude on the 1st of March: I have my defence of my PhD in Dublin, where I have been registered as a doctoral student since 2010, within the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. My study, A Theory of Auditory Saccadism, will be posted up here on my website, for those that want to understand how the journey played out, the case study work and whether, in fact, there are lessons for designers working with sound, lessons from a range of theoretical bases, particularly sonic arts practice.

Now I have had a chance to balance, in my own mind, the outcomes, it has renewed my interest in the wider ways that the imagination works, particularly in relation to audiences engaging together; the ‘felicity moment’ as I called it. I’m interested in small moments of truth now, which as I have explored, can be stimulated by sensory engagement. I guess I am interested now in what life this bond can have as it spins off on a leash, perhaps breaking free. What do you keep and what do you give away? I hope to explore these ideas in some variety of post-doctoral exploration…

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